Specialized Services


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Retail construction services

Meeting Building Codes/ Requirements

Assembling a Disciplined Project Design Team

Seamless Project Coordination

Fiduciary Responsible Budgeting

Supervising the Bid Process

Managing Subcontractors and Suppliers

Creative space solutions

Platform works closely with clients in order to create the most practical and aesthetic solutions for all types of spaces.

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FF&E Services

In FF&E, the planning process begins with understanding your precise needs and goals. Platform FF&E team consider design, styling and operator standards that match the client’s needs.

Finishing, Fit-out & MEP Contracting

As it is crucial for design the decision-making, accurate documentation, performance and cost-estimating, construction planning, managing and operating the resulting facility, Platform provides finishing and MEP contracting services to make sure that the project is executed and delivered as efficiently and effectively.

Platform operates as a turn-key contractor, starting with concept development and interior design, turning a core structure (shell structure) into a superb, harmonious, fully-equipped and fully-furnished space.

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Engineering services

Platform provides composite drawings, shop drawings, and execution drawings based on the initial Interior design plan in order to ensure that technical details have been included and that all the furnishings and elements are fully functional in addition to being esthetically pleasing.

Construction & Project Management

Platform offers a complete construction management package, coordinating the activities of the owner, architect or engineer and other prime contractors. As your construction manager, Platform manages costs, time, quality, and data stemming from a project’s preconstruction planning phase until its completion.

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Procurement & Logistic Services

Platform procurement team will be responsible for delivering all projects' FF&E and OS&E components in a timely and cost effective manner. The structure of the procurement process is therefore based on both qualitative and quantitative reviews. This includes a comprehensive budget framework designed to minimise total cost.

Agent & Distribution Representative

Platform is the agent and distributor for many of the most renowned companies in the residential and commercial furnishings and space solutions field. Our affiliation with these international design and manufacturing entities gives us the opportunity to provide our clients with an exceptional selection of high quality merchandise that can be customized to fit their individual projects.

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